The Price of Perfect

October 11, 2017

The Swiss cheese method was developed by Alan Lakein to overcome procrastination by breaking tasks into manageable parts however it is an equally effective technique with dauntingly large projects and faced with insufficient time and manpower. 

None of us have sufficient resources...Read more

Making the Most of Mining Acquisitions

March 30, 2016

A sign that we are at the bottom of the cycle and awaiting an upturn, is the growing number of acquisitions. An E&Y survey last year signified a majority of mining companies intended to pursue an acquisition within 12 months. Those with cash or balance sheet capacity will ta...Read more
The Bit in the Middle

August 05, 2015

Being head of HR is a thankless task. At worst you are a necessary overhead, an unproductive expenditure and at best, you work for a boss that actually gets it, who understands the value you provide but won’t give you the budget to do anything new. “Why did we hire expensive expert...Read more

Simplicity and the Urge to Tinker

June 13, 2015

Many years ago in a complex union negotiation I suggested to the CEO that we use a communications consultant to better get our message across. The trouble with communications people he replied is that they want to communicate. We can debate the rights and wrongs of that reply another time but ...Read more

Getting the Most from Your External Adviser

April 06, 2015

At every turn it seems, we are bombarded with how-to advice from “experts” who assure us that they have the right solution and all we need do is download the book, attend the webinar or buy the service. Just like the diet pill, it's easy and quick - just swallow, listen, watch or r...Read more

A Winning Consulting Relationship

November 12, 2014

The purpose of seeking external counsel or advice (and for the purposes of this Blog we are not referring to compliance advice) is to help get to a desired position sooner by either seeking a shortcut, honed by an expert through numerous prior experiences or to seek the wisdom of som...Read more

Lean Times - Lean HR

March 30, 2014

Welcome to the New Year with no respite in sight for the mining industry. 

2013  saw assets mothballed, reserves revalued, facility sharing and financing restructured. This was endured but with continuing pressure on cash flow and expense what more can be done?

The ne...Read more

Expanding into Canada from the US? The Important Differences

July 09, 2013

Companies successfully operating in their home country look to international expansion as a means of continuing to grow.  US companies often look to Canada as the first jurisdiction in an international expansion strategy.

Despite many appealing similarities, many companies and par...Read more

The Value of HR?

August 09, 2012

Many people including even some HR folks, doubt that HR always adds value and for some companies that's probably true. So how can you tell if your HR initiatives are adding value and how do you measure it?  

There is no doubt that an Read more

Making Mergers Work

February 07, 2012

Matt is the CEO of a mid-size manufacturer about to embark on his second acquisition and it has to go better than the last one. The promised synergies were just not delivered, at least within the time frame promised. Dealing with unhappy shareholders and bank was no fun.

Business integ...Read more

2012 Resolution - No Surprises

January 11, 2012

As the New Year begins we reflect on what "slipped through the cracks" and whether at some point we may have to pay for those oversights.  Here's a Human Capital checklist that might help you get through 2012 without too many surprises. 

Policy Review:  Y...Read more