February 12, 2018

Today’s blog is co-written with our associate Maurice (Moe) Dutrisac of Mastermind Solutions; a specialist in developing strategic plans for mid-size companies.

Jack Welch is ofte...Read more

Staging Your Business for Sale

February 12, 2018

This is our blog for business owners and continues the theme of ownership succession and is co-authored by our associate Don Hilton at Distinct Capital Partners. ...Read more
Self Inflicted Disruption

January 29, 2018

Read any management blog recently and you will come across articles about disruption. The internet, blockchain, and IA are all examples that have been extensively covered.  In fact, there is so much on this subject that “disruption fatigue” has entered the lexicon.

Dis...Read more

Successful Succession for Owner Managers

November 29, 2017

The typical response from business owners to “planning for their succession” is “I have years to prepare”. Grooming a successor can take years and even if you plan to eventually sell the business you cannot start to prepare early enough.

No one can pre...Read more

Succession Planning's Link to Success

November 29, 2017

Skilled folks leave. So planning succession sounds like a no-brainer. A sports team couldn’t compete without a bench so why do we think it is any different in the workplace.

A recent survey of US companies suggested that 40% have no succession plan and of those 20% cover “c...Read more

The Price of Perfect

October 11, 2017

The Swiss cheese method was developed by Alan Lakein to overcome procrastination by breaking tasks into manageable parts however it is an equally effective technique with dauntingly large projects and faced with insufficient time and manpower. 

None of us have sufficient resources...Read more

Option Adoption

October 11, 2017

Equity as compensation warrants a rethink.

Stock options gained popularity in the 1950’s and conventional thinking was that equity compensation aligned the interests of executives with those of shareholders (the agency theory). It also appealed ...Read more

Successful Succession for Owner Managers

September 13, 2017

The typical response from business owners to “planning for their succession” is “I have years to prepare”. Grooming a successor can take years and even if you plan to eventually sell the business you cannot start to prepare early enough.

No one can predict ...Read more

Succession's Link with Success

September 13, 2017

Skilled folks leave. So planning succession sounds like a no-brainer. A sports team couldn’t compete without a bench so why do we think it is any different in the workplace.

A recent survey of US companies suggested that 40% have no succession plan and of those 20% cover “c...Read more

Peaches and Cream

September 03, 2017

This blog is co-authored with Anna Abgaryan a consultant at The Human Well who advises clients on effective pay systems in multiple industries.

Reward programs should support business strategy right? But how many organizations have we seen stray from this path when seduced by the lates...Read more

Additional Risks for MIning Travellers and Expats

July 06, 2017

As the industry picks up momentum more miners through acquisition, exploration, or joint venture will be venturing abroad with more employees undertaking international travel or being located overseas creating greater exposure to accident...Read more

HR Analytics may be the Answer but what is the Data?

June 07, 2017

This blog is co-authored with Halina Pupin who has been advising clients on effective data analytics systems and approaches since 2006 following a successful career with SAP and Rogers Communications.

An earlier blog; Read more

Resetting Pay Philosophy

June 07, 2017

Competitive advantage means differentiation through a unique business strategy supported with an appropriate talent plan and pay philosophy. 

Talent management is increasingly focused on the individual but individuality in compensation is di...Read more

HR Analytics may be the Answer but what is the Question?

June 03, 2017

This blog is co-authored by Halina Pupin who has since 2006 been advising her clients on ways to achieve effective data analytics based upon her experiences in an earlier successful career with SAP and Rogers Communications.

We constantly need answers to business questions that are dep...Read more

Expatriate Housing Policy and the Quick Solution

June 03, 2017

We were recently asked via circulated email whether the sale costs of an expatriate's home in Canada should be reimbursed if the company was already paying for housing in the host location. In order to provide a response twenty more questions were required but two things occurred to me:

...Read more
The DNA of Family Business - Part II

April 23, 2017

This is the second in a two-part blog that addresses how family businesses tend to acheive higher levels of engagement and how non-family companies can do the same. 

This blog is coauthored with Jan van der Hoop; Partner and co-founder of Fit First Technologies; a specialist suppl...Read more

The DNA of Family Business

April 20, 2017

This blog is coauthored with Jan van der Hoop; Partner and co-founder of Fit First Technologies; a specialist supplier of tools to enable predetermined recruitment screening. Jan has experience across multiple industries as a senior HR practitioner in several major companies. 

In ...Read more

Impactful Pay Management

November 07, 2016

Once again pay review time is upon us. Salary surveys have arrived and it is time to adjust ranges, consider changes to pay design and build budgets. HR practitioners spend hours job matching, harvesting, and submitting data to costly surveys only to spend more hours analyzing t...Read more

You are Who You Hire Part 3

September 27, 2016

This blog is coauthored with Jan van der Hoop; Partner and co-founder of Fit First Technologies; a specialist supplier of tools to enable predetermined recruitment screening. Jan has multiple industry experience and a background as a senior HR practitioner in several household name companies.&...Read more

You are Who You Hire Part 2

September 27, 2016

This blog is coauthored with Jan van der Hoop; Partner and co-founder of Fit First Technologies; a specialist supplier of tools to enable predetermined recruitment screening. Jan has multiple industry experience and a background as a senior HR practitioner in several household name companies.&...Read more

You are who You Hire Part 1

September 27, 2016

This blog is coauthored with Jan van der Hoop; Partner and co-founder of Fit First Technologies; a specialist supplier of tools to enable predetermined recruitment screening. Jan has multiple industry experience and a background as a senior HR practitioner in several household name companies.&...Read more

Why Do You Pay Your Employees?

September 01, 2016

You could be forgiven for thinking “That’s obvious, they wouldn’t show up otherwise?” but there’s more to this transaction than at first meets the eye that can add value to an organization.

The Contract: Employees set aside energy in the shape of t...Read more
Are We Moving Toward Democratic Pay?

September 01, 2016

Discrimination has become a metaphor for unfair but most pay systems discriminate. We know gender is a problem and business is figuring out how to eradicate that but will performance soon be added to that agenda as well? Does awarding additional pay to an employee who is more engaged or a...Read more

Do You Need Strategic HR Advice?

August 25, 2016

Most owner managers and mid sized private companies would answer no, mostly because they do not know what it means or understand how it could benefit their organization. Human resources means payroll, people policies, and compliance. Many founders for example think that no one unders...Read more

The Millennial Apocalypse

June 15, 2016

Two important organizations during the past few weeks have focused on the millennial workplace and examined the challenges that employers can expect. The millennial cohort otherwise known as Gen Y, was born between 1980 and 2000 and recently surpassed both Gen X and Baby Boomers in the workpla...Read more

How do you Value Work?

May 20, 2016

When managing pay most organizations worry about three things:

Competitiveness - how jobs are paid relative to similar jobs in competitor companies Internal Equity - how individuals are paid relative to colleagues in the company; and Affordability - compensation bu...Read more
Canadian Expatriate Healthcare

May 12, 2016

Last month saw another US provider launch a product aimed at meeting the needs of Canadians working abroad. It has great features and supporting network but like many others it is a plan adapted from a US model and doesn't immediately appear to accommodate the ways in which Canadian ...Read more

A Business Transformation Case Study

May 10, 2016

We examine today business transformation and the importance of focusing on the challenges of transition and the dangers of over fixating on the new model. Transformation does not mean a fresh start - there is an existing business and it has to get from here to there while remaining sustainable...Read more

Sick of Wellness

May 10, 2016

There's a lot of chatter in HR and management circles on this topic - the latest flavor of the month or is it a worthwhile management tool? Our view is that in almost any business when appropriately applied the concept can add value.

The theory behind employee wellness is that improv...Read more

Advice on Advice

April 06, 2016

We all need advice from time to time especially owner managers who have invested entire careers in a business without the opportunity to work in other industries or companies. Any HR person knows that the more diverse the experience the better the leader but that’s a luxury that time and...Read more

Making the Most of Mining Acquisitions

March 30, 2016

A sign that we are at the bottom of the cycle and awaiting an upturn, is the growing number of acquisitions. An E&Y survey last year signified a majority of mining companies intended to pursue an acquisition within 12 months. Those with cash or balance sheet capacity will ta...Read more
Moneyball Management - HR Analytics

March 17, 2016

HR professionals are constantly challenged to contribute to business results in a more tangible manner and have a tendency, as a consequence to latch on to new ideas that appear to be able to support that endeavor.

These ideas start in the minds of a few consultants, evolve into must h...Read more

The Retention Convention

March 12, 2016

This blog is coauthored with Paris Aden; Partner and co-founder of Valitas Capital Partners. Paris has broad industry experience with a focus on energy, materials, industrial and consumer p...Read more

Are you Really Paying for Performance?

January 28, 2016

Flat compensation means variable, performance based pay has become an important way to meaningfully reward the outstanding. Its growing importance ups the ante for making it as effective as possible and aligning payouts with desired results.

Businesses typically operate ...Read more

2016 Fearless Forecast

January 18, 2016

The strategic HR agenda is likely to remain unchanged in 2016; cautious recruitment, a focus on skills retention and succession, assessing engagement and productivity in anticipation of the baby boomers starting to finally exit the workplace.

Employers are beginning to see the implicat...Read more

Culture is the Force and May it Always be with you!

December 31, 2015

Talk to any owner or senior executive and they will acknowledge that workplace culture is as important as business strategy. We agree with that but it is also important that we understand what that means and not just go along with the sentiment.

The way work is conducted, beh...Read more

Compensation Challenges for the Mining Industry

December 15, 2015

As far back as 2012 we wrote about the cash crisis facing the sector and the impact on pay. Four years later the challenges have considerably worsened. Who envisaged them lasting this long?

For juniors and non-producing companies these are not normal times and the normal pay process ne...Read more

A Coincidence of Wants

November 25, 2015

I recently had the pleasure of addressing an exclusive group of transitioning executives on pay - a primer on current trends and what to expect as they encountered offers from prospective employers.

The attendees were experienced C Suit types and as the discussion unfolded it became ap...Read more

The 2016 Incentive

November 24, 2015

Now that the Thanksgivings are done it’s time to think 2016 goals and incentives. Incentive is the right word. You want to drive behavior toward achievement of your goals. 2016 is another year of minimal pay increases - great for employers but not so mot...Read more

A Helping Hand for Recruiters

November 23, 2015

We can all use a little help sometimes to do the best work for our clients. Our own skills and knowledge just sometimes aren't enough. THW collaborates and has worked with many of you to help land the right candidate for your client or ours. We are happy to work alongside or supplement what yo...Read more

A Helping Hand for the Resource Sector

November 23, 2015

We all need a little help sometimes. Our skills and knowledge aren't always enough. Companies are no different. They are staffed to take care of everyday needs. Change projects require a deeper expertise than is on hand, and an objective perspective to avoid challenges.Even miners being natura...Read more

A Helping Hand for Owner Managers

November 10, 2015

We all need a little help sometimes. Our skills and knowledge aren’t always enough. Companies are no different. We staff them to take care of everyday needs. Change projects require deeper expertise than is on hand, and an objective perspective to identify choices and avoid challenges.Read more

Think Like a Buyer (Act like a Seller)

November 10, 2015

Whether or not you plan on selling your business, thinking like a buyer (and acting like a seller) will increase its market value as well as improving interim earnings. Your business is your retirement, life insurance, and disability plan - so why not start to improve their value now?

...Read more

The Offer Letter

October 20, 2015

You have courted, cajoled, persuaded, and incented; finally it’s time to present your offer in writing. You have explained your values, the vision for the company, and how you work as a team. You have shared your approach to engagement and the importance of a happy workforce. Finally you...Read more

Compensation in the Owner Managed Company

October 08, 2015

You need an experienced, capable colleague to help take your business to the next level. You have invested a lot in the search and you have now found the perfect candidate. You want to seal the deal, make a statement that you are serious. What better way than to offer ownership in the company,...Read more

Optimizing Business Value in Owner Managed Businesses

September 23, 2015

Owner managers fall into three categories. Those who:

Have no plans to transfer ownership Are thinking about ownership transfer; and Are planning transfer of ownership 

In common, they want the transfer to be for maximum value but few actually get to realise this goal. ...Read more

Centralizing Global Benefits Management

August 24, 2015

HR Consultancy AON recently issued the results of its 2015 Global Benefits Survey on which a number of independent sources have reported. The survey provides a snapshot of what's happening in employee benefits management. Our blog today tries to get behind the findings and decipher w...Read more

Cultural Awareness

August 16, 2015

Judging by the number of articles currently circulating in social media the topic de jour appears to be cultural awareness. Mostly written to sell plug-and-play training, they document the social faux pas of witless expatriates.

Having been fortunate to have lived and worked in ma...Read more

Private Companies and Director Compensation

August 15, 2015

We were recently contacted by a client about competitive compensation for directors in private companies. As we explored the needs of the company and the roles that board members were undertaking we realised that we had been asked the wrong question.

The presumption was that board dire...Read more

A Peek Into the Future

August 12, 2015

Greg was worried about the upcoming vote. He was not sure why as things had gone pretty smoothly since democratic pay provisions had been introduced. Maybe it was the prospect of being judged by his peers and subordinates. He knew he was well regarded by most of the organization at least accor...Read more

The Bit in the Middle

August 05, 2015

Being head of HR is a thankless task. At worst you are a necessary overhead, an unproductive expenditure and at best, you work for a boss that actually gets it, who understands the value you provide but won’t give you the budget to do anything new. “Why did we hire expensive expert...Read more

People Issues Will Dominate Your Future

July 04, 2015

It is hard to devote time to plan for the future when you are up to your neck in survival but the future will be here before you know it. For leaders in the mining industry it’s going to continue to be a bumpy ride but being prepared will help.

We have written in Read more

People Issues Will Dominate Your Future - Part 2

July 04, 2015

Last time we talked about why the predicted talent shortage in mining was likely to be much worse than prior downturns, how previous responses to this shortfall were not going to work, and why interim HR may provide a potential way to prepare for these challenges. In this blog we talk about wh...Read more

What Should Drive Pay: Fairness or the Market

June 14, 2015

Ten years of low salary inflation has meant increasing focus on employee engagement as a means of improving productivity which has resulted in internal equity becoming the dominant force in pay management for many companies.

Balancing external competitiveness determined through salary ...Read more

Simplicity and the Urge to Tinker

June 13, 2015

Many years ago in a complex union negotiation I suggested to the CEO that we use a communications consultant to better get our message across. The trouble with communications people he replied is that they want to communicate. We can debate the rights and wrongs of that reply another time but ...Read more

Women and Boards

May 14, 2015

Our Blog today addresses how emerging and junior minecos will have to respond to The Ontario Securities Commission's new rules on Board renewal and disclosure.  We discuss the proposals for increasing the representation of women and propose an alternative more cost effective, approach to ...Read more

Getting the Most from Your External Adviser

April 06, 2015

At every turn it seems, we are bombarded with how-to advice from “experts” who assure us that they have the right solution and all we need do is download the book, attend the webinar or buy the service. Just like the diet pill, it's easy and quick - just swallow, listen, watch or r...Read more

Are You Ready For The Upturn?

March 16, 2015

There were definite signs of optimism at PDAC. Its true that no one said that they were actually experiencing the challenges that a vibrant industry imposes but people were talking about getting ready for them. That's a good sign right? And our recent client conversations too have ce...Read more

Are You Sale Ready?

March 15, 2015

Addressed primarily to owner managers "What would a purchaser do with this business?" is a technique that can be used by any one intent on maximizing the contribution from a department or function. We talk to the challenges of preparing a business for sale and share our experiences working wit...Read more

Harnessing Social Media for Learning and Development

February 28, 2015

Who remembers Intranets?  An innovative development to enable employees to access enterprise wide knowledge.  The concept fell out of favor when it became clear how much effort indexing and signposting was going to take to make knowledge accessible and useful. It was never ...Read more

Organizational Pruning Promotes Growth

February 17, 2015

An organization that becomes stale will fall behind competitors and eventually die. Fresh thinking and new ideas will lead it to innovation and growth. When you are green you grow, when you are ripe you rot.

Knowing when to selectively add or replace members of an already engaged team ...Read more

Pay Complacency Q&A

February 08, 2015

Our recent blog on Pay Complacency prompted three requests from readers for further information. The first, how would we recommend treating solid performers who have reached the top of their range but who continue to provide exceptional le...Read more

Pay Policies Pay Off

February 03, 2015

Peter sat back down and thanked the Compensation Committee for listening to his presentation. The annual ritual had begun - the one where the CEO delivers his salary and incentive recommendations for his direct reports and the team below.

He didn't object to the process in fact he welc...Read more

Did Santa Deliver the Annual Incentive Payout?

December 30, 2014

It is the time of year when the organization turns it's thoughts to the annual incentive and how big it will be. A time when compensation plans should be working their hardest to deliver their biggest impact but will this year be any different from prior ones? Will this investment deliver full...Read more

Overcoming Pay Complacency

December 22, 2014

Our last blog discussed why company pay policies had become stale and were ceasing to be an influence on behavior. We reviewed the causes, specifically the over reliance on market benchmarking. We now examine how compensation practice needs to change...Read more

Pay Complacency

December 13, 2014

At budget time the same pattern plays out; 2 or 3 percent for inflation plus 1% for merit and promotion. Low pay inflation is a good thing for the finance team but can result in stifled incentives for the workforce. Pay management has become tiresome and your people don't see it any differentl...Read more

Improving the Performance of the Assets that you have

November 29, 2014

In David Lean's 1942 film "In Which We Serve", Noel Coward is the captain of a warship about to enter the Battle of the North Atlantic. During his first address to his new crew he asks two former subordinates to describe the culture he liked to create onboard; " A happy ship, Captain" and "An ...Read more

How to Set Up a Virtual Office

November 29, 2014

George left the staff meeting in deep thought. A small number of the head office team had suggested that they be allowed to work virtually for part of the week. The commute to the office was becoming longer and more frustrating, they were finding it harder to meet family commitments and these ...Read more

A Winning Consulting Relationship

November 12, 2014

The purpose of seeking external counsel or advice (and for the purposes of this Blog we are not referring to compliance advice) is to help get to a desired position sooner by either seeking a shortcut, honed by an expert through numerous prior experiences or to seek the wisdom of som...Read more

Soft Due Diligence

November 11, 2014

Once a merger, joint venture or even significant international expansion gets under way people get scooped up in the craving to count things; how many, what are the attached liabilities, how can we reduce them, what are the expected synergies and so on. We typically look at the...Read more

Global Employment: Managing Flight Risk

October 01, 2014

In the 1980's companies were "international" in structure with local subsidiaries created in the image of the home office. Quite often, local talent wasn't available, trusted or capable of representing the home location. Expatriates from home office filled the gap.

...Read more
An Introduction to Global Employment - What is a GEC?

September 03, 2014

The ultimate approach to Global Employment is to create a Global Employment Company (GEC) or payroll service company as they are sometimes known. As far as we can tell GEC's have been around since the early seventies when US companies opening up the Middle East oil fields were trying to limit ...Read more

An Introduction to Global Employment Strategies

August 21, 2014

Global Employment (GE) strategies and supporting organizational models have increased significantly in popularity in recent years with international employers. While many readers will be familiar with the term, "GE" theory and methodology is not as widely understood. GE refers ...Read more

What is a Pay Structure!

August 06, 2014

There comes a point when the management of pay by individual employee becomes too onerous an exercise; too many moving parts begin to make it an extensive process. This may be on reaching a certain size (e.g. number of employees), it may be when engagement demands greater internal pay equity o...Read more

Team Management

July 12, 2014

Continuing our theme of risk associated with employees one of our readers suggested that we share our views on workforce and succession planning or as we call it, Team Management. In other words continuity of the skills and values that you need to sustain your business.

Regular followe...Read more

Mitigating People Risk in International Assignments

June 02, 2014

We have been discussing in recent blogs the often unrecognized business risks that can arise without careful employee management and how these potentially damaging events can be avoided.

I recently participated in a discussion about the reasons for international assignments failing and...Read more

Mitigating People Risk in Major Transactions

May 08, 2014

Gerald was head of HR for an international company and had worked his way up from an almost entry level position. He was good at what he did; he knew the company and the industry. He was trusted as a provider of sound advice and he considered, as much as any HR person could, that he was "at th...Read more

Bottom Line improvements from an Engaged Workforce

May 03, 2014

In our two previous blogs we debated the characteristics of an "engaged" workforce, how to achieve one and how to sustain it once you have it!

Here we address the direct benefits to your employees and your...Read more

Engagement II

March 31, 2014

So how do you know if your team is engaged?

We talked last time about surveys but that's a big cumbersome and expensive approach particularly if you are a small team. Let's look at signs indicating that your team may not be engaged:

Turnover - do you have too many or the wrong p...Read more
Lean Times - Lean HR

March 30, 2014

Welcome to the New Year with no respite in sight for the mining industry. 

2013  saw assets mothballed, reserves revalued, facility sharing and financing restructured. This was endured but with continuing pressure on cash flow and expense what more can be done?

The ne...Read more

The Gift of a Bonus

March 30, 2014

The year end results are being tabulated, across the organization employees and managers will be turning their thoughts to what they can expect from their annual incentive payment.

Will this time be the same as prior years; the same blunders and oversights, retroactive objectives, infl...Read more


March 18, 2014

There is much discussion on the topic of engagement these days. Not just in HR circles but in Board rooms too. So what's the story; the latest HR fad or something much more important? Here's the background.

Several studies indicate that the happier an employee, the more productive they...Read more

Reducing the Cost of Employee Benefits

January 13, 2014

Tom was in the market for a new car.  He wanted to update his grey 4 door sedan.  He told the sales representative at his local dealership what he wanted and the salesman proceeded to pitch Tom on the all new features and benefits on various other models since Tom's last purchase. Tw...Read more

Expanding into Canada from the US? The Important Differences

July 09, 2013

Companies successfully operating in their home country look to international expansion as a means of continuing to grow.  US companies often look to Canada as the first jurisdiction in an international expansion strategy.

Despite many appealing similarities, many companies and par...Read more

International Benefits - Are you Covered?

June 28, 2013

The decision to change or adopt an international benefits plan is usually preceded by an extensive review taking several months and a substantial cost. It is a serious business addressing the risks encountered by employees working abroad who are often in difficult locations. It is ironic then,...Read more

An Executive Compensation Case Study

June 03, 2013

James was the CEO of an emerging company on the verge of a major expansion. 

Changes were needed to the company's executive compensation arrangements but he wasn't sure quite how to proceed.

Firstly, it was essential that the company retained its senior managemen...Read more

Performance Management

February 15, 2013

You can hear the groans.  The annual review is not the favorite time for most employees or their managers.  Both parties spend time and effort recalling the year's events and getting them down on paper only to have a deflating discussion about things that should have been done differ...Read more

Simplified Recruitment

November 29, 2012

We all know that hiring the right candidate is critical but how do you do this?

With the currently high levels of unemployment and a large number of employees feeling disengaged from their current roles in theory, you have access to the largest talent pool in years ......but you still ...Read more

Introducing HR Access

November 12, 2012

The Need

Surviving and thriving are paramount to emerging businesses and touchy-feely HR stuff has no place, but deep down you know that it's your people that really are your most important asset and will mean the difference between the business succeeding or not. You carefully ma...Read more

Improving the Return on Pay Management

November 07, 2012

It's that time again. Salary survey results are in and traditionally its time to build pay budgets, adjust ranges and think about changes to pay design. Participants spend hours harvesting and submitting data, consulting firms then produce expensive survey reports and participants again spend ...Read more

Don't Leave Your On-boarding to chance

October 31, 2012

Companies that have "On-boarding" programs are generally regarded as forward thinking and ones that place great store in the value of Human Capital. However, your success at a new company should not be dependent on its home grown program alone. Consider some key facts: 

40% of newl...Read more
Termination - there is no easy way

October 18, 2012

Ending an employee's employment is the hardest decision for any leader and one of the worst jobs to have to undertake. It's never easy. Sometimes it just has to be done to accommodate skill upgrades, to ease out poor performers or disruptive individuals. Whatever the reason, to avoid further v...Read more

Why a New Compensation Plan is like Starting a new Business

August 29, 2012

Starting a new business and developing a successful compensation system are a lot alike. There are several fundamental principles that you have to keep in mind:

1. Do your thing

What's right for your company is not the same as what anyone else is doing! When managing com...Read more

The Value of HR?

August 09, 2012

Many people including even some HR folks, doubt that HR always adds value and for some companies that's probably true. So how can you tell if your HR initiatives are adding value and how do you measure it?  

There is no doubt that an Read more

Pay Strategy

July 05, 2012

Are your shareholders happy with the way that you pay your top team?

Retaining and attracting senior management capable of driving your company's success is a never ending problem. A disciplined process helps balance the competing interests.

Effective compensation addresse...Read more

Annual Cash Awards: Bonus or Incentive?

June 20, 2012

Virtually all companies provide their senior employees today with some form of variable cash compensation. Most do so because it is "competitive practice" but the genesis was an attempt to align the cost of pay with the fortunes of the business. Later that evolved into attempts to shape the fo...Read more

International and Global: What's the difference?

March 26, 2012

What is the difference between an international company and a global one? 

It may be academic if you operate and are resident in one country. However, the moment you start asking the team to work abroad you'll run into the differences very quickly.

Read more
HR Policies: Why Bother?

March 14, 2012

HR Polices:  Why Bother? 

Guaranteed to summon images of productivity stagnation is the request  "What's our policy on .....".  Have we even thought about that? The prospect of sitting around a table for a couple of hours debating various "what ifs" and hypothetica...Read more

Selecting and Hiring Senior Managers Part 2

February 23, 2012

This is the second part of a two part article on overcoming the challenges involved with selecting and hiring senior managers. The first part can be found here. Below we address how to avoid post recruitment surprises. 

Terr...Read more

Selecting and Hiring Senior Managers Part 1

February 16, 2012

This is the first of a two part article on how to overcome challenges involved with selecting and recruiting senior managers. First we address selection and fit and in Part 2 look at how to avoid post recruitment surprises.  

Terry looked at the file of "Candid...Read more

Making Mergers Work

February 07, 2012

Matt is the CEO of a mid-size manufacturer about to embark on his second acquisition and it has to go better than the last one. The promised synergies were just not delivered, at least within the time frame promised. Dealing with unhappy shareholders and bank was no fun.

Business integ...Read more

Who's Winning the War for Mobile Talent

January 11, 2012

The offer came at a good time for Kevin, he felt ready for a new opportunity. But relocating his family was going to be a big deal. Ensuring that they would be happy and settled in the new location was the primary consideration but so too was making sure that the whole adventure was going to b...Read more
2012 Resolution - No Surprises

January 11, 2012

As the New Year begins we reflect on what "slipped through the cracks" and whether at some point we may have to pay for those oversights.  Here's a Human Capital checklist that might help you get through 2012 without too many surprises. 

Policy Review:  Y...Read more
5 Ways to Create Your Compensation Advantage

December 05, 2011

The war for talent will become more bitterly fought as the Boomers leave the battleground. To attract a new executive or any team member is going to require your organisation to have an employment brand that differentiates y...Read more

7 HR Breakdowns You Can Easily Avoid

December 01, 2011

Our best resource is often the most under-utilized. Achieving corporate goals and avoiding breakdowns in Human Resources (HR) becomes easier with an engaged workforce; because only then can each employee enhance company value. Here are 7 HR breakdowns you can easily avoid:

Health a...Read more
The “Stay Put” Generation

January 04, 2011

The Baby Boomers have contributed to much expatriate activity worldwide. And you already know the retirement of the Baby Boomer generation will take a sizeable chunk of the existing mobile workforce away. However, generations X, Y and Z’s have travelled extensively before beginning their...Read more

“Culture… we don't have one!”

April 02, 2007

This senior executive quote underlines the challenges we face in understanding and changing the effects of work place culture. Notwithstanding an ability to resist description Bain’s recent biannual “Management Tools and Trends Study” concluded that nine out of ten executives...Read more

Getting Global

January 16, 2007

"You Don’t Get Global by Flying Business Class and staying at the Four Seasons”

“Our people must understand and learn from the culture and values that we are sending them and their families into.”

 We have heard this before but perhaps it has never been mo...Read more

The war for talent goes nuclear

December 04, 2006

Almost since work began employers have attempted to organize it with approaches to reward largely based on egalitarianism. If not one size, at least one model that fits all! Employers may have to rethink this approach as the effect of the acute talent shortage, facing all industries begins to ...Read more