Blogs from March 2014

Engagement II

March 31, 2014

So how do you know if your team is engaged?

We talked last time about surveys but that's a big cumbersome and expensive approach particularly if you are a small team. Let's look at signs indicating that your team may not be engaged:

Turnover - do you have too many or the wrong p...Read more
Lean Times - Lean HR

March 30, 2014

Welcome to the New Year with no respite in sight for the mining industry. 

2013  saw assets mothballed, reserves revalued, facility sharing and financing restructured. This was endured but with continuing pressure on cash flow and expense what more can be done?

The ne...Read more

The Gift of a Bonus

March 30, 2014

The year end results are being tabulated, across the organization employees and managers will be turning their thoughts to what they can expect from their annual incentive payment.

Will this time be the same as prior years; the same blunders and oversights, retroactive objectives, infl...Read more


March 18, 2014

There is much discussion on the topic of engagement these days. Not just in HR circles but in Board rooms too. So what's the story; the latest HR fad or something much more important? Here's the background.

Several studies indicate that the happier an employee, the more productive they...Read more