Blogs from August 2015

Centralizing Global Benefits Management

August 24, 2015

HR Consultancy AON recently issued the results of its 2015 Global Benefits Survey on which a number of independent sources have reported. The survey provides a snapshot of what's happening in employee benefits management. Our blog today tries to get behind the findings and decipher w...Read more

Cultural Awareness

August 16, 2015

Judging by the number of articles currently circulating in social media the topic de jour appears to be cultural awareness. Mostly written to sell plug-and-play training, they document the social faux pas of witless expatriates.

Having been fortunate to have lived and worked in ma...Read more

Private Companies and Director Compensation

August 15, 2015

We were recently contacted by a client about competitive compensation for directors in private companies. As we explored the needs of the company and the roles that board members were undertaking we realised that we had been asked the wrong question.

The presumption was that board dire...Read more

A Peek Into the Future

August 12, 2015

Greg was worried about the upcoming vote. He was not sure why as things had gone pretty smoothly since democratic pay provisions had been introduced. Maybe it was the prospect of being judged by his peers and subordinates. He knew he was well regarded by most of the organization at least accor...Read more

The Bit in the Middle

August 05, 2015

Being head of HR is a thankless task. At worst you are a necessary overhead, an unproductive expenditure and at best, you work for a boss that actually gets it, who understands the value you provide but won’t give you the budget to do anything new. “Why did we hire expensive expert...Read more