Blogs from March 2016

Making the Most of Mining Acquisitions

March 30, 2016

A sign that we are at the bottom of the cycle and awaiting an upturn, is the growing number of acquisitions. An E&Y survey last year signified a majority of mining companies intended to pursue an acquisition within 12 months. Those with cash or balance sheet capacity will ta...Read more
Moneyball Management - HR Analytics

March 17, 2016

HR professionals are constantly challenged to contribute to business results in a more tangible manner and have a tendency, as a consequence to latch on to new ideas that appear to be able to support that endeavor.

These ideas start in the minds of a few consultants, evolve into must h...Read more

The Retention Convention

March 12, 2016

This blog is coauthored with Paris Aden; Partner and co-founder of Valitas Capital Partners. Paris has broad industry experience with a focus on energy, materials, industrial and consumer p...Read more