The Human Well is pleased to be a strategic partner with The Alternative Board (TAB). TAB is an exclusive membership based organization that helps business owners achieve more profitability, productivity and personal fulfillment through a combination of peer-to-peer insight, private coaching with TAB Certified Coaches that connect business owners to a multitude of resources around the world.

Through their coaching sessions, TAB Coaches have found that many members require assistance with employee issues. Managing people has arisen as a common theme amongst TAB business owners and has emerged as one of the Critical Success Factors in many of their business plans.

THW consultants are invited frequently as guest speakers at TAB Board meetings where we share information to address challenges they are facing in their business today; our overall objective being to enhance TAB members understanding of the connection between creating an engaged workforce and profitability.

THW provides coaching and customized HR solutions to many TAB members, scaled appropriately for the size and type of business. Our partnership with TAB has provided small business owners access to Senior Level HR Consultants at a reasonable cost.

For more information regarding TAB’s work with private business owners, contact Doug Kerr at

We also work with a number of partners that provide additional services and products to address our client's needs and challenges. These form the Well Net.

The Well Net

Natalie Richter Global is a consulting firm specializing in cross-cultural services that range from specific country research & briefings to integrating global teams. NRG’s Cultural Due Diligence and W.O.R.L.D. Wise™ global leadership development process help companies internationalize their operations, mitigate risk, shrink ramp up times, maximise the value, and capture the ROI of working in complex global environments

Blue SKy Consulting helps create high performance boards by specializing in customized director assessment, selection, integration and succession planning. Blue Sky helps determine the experience, skills and expertise required with reference to future plans to advance strategy. They create integration and orientation programs for new board members, governance process and policy reducing client time and effort. 

Hiring Smart - Online Recruitment

HiringSmart gives companies a competitive edge by installing a unique fit-based hiring system that helps them attract and engage the RIGHT people.

McKinley Solutions

McKinley Solutions partners with organizations to engage and sustain the potential in their people, their most valuable yet costly resources.

Trowbridge - Tax Expertise

Your Corporate and Expatriate Tax Advisors

Tangible Words

When the words aren’t right, a quality – assured process can fix them: Assessing your messages and aligning your team’s goals are the first steps towards getting the words you want.

Careers In Mining

The web's #1 Careers site in the mining industry.

Workplace Engagement Insights offers employee engagement surveys that provide concrete, actionable data to determine where your leadership and management development activities need to be focused, and whether they are having the desired impact – on the leadership team, the employees, and the organization as a whole.