Our Vision

At THW, our vision is simple – deliver our HR services based on your needs and budget, in the most efficient, practical manner possible.

We strive to be different from our competitors in a number of ways:

  • Our consultants have worked for large companies; either in industry or consulting, or both.
  • A number of our team members have international expertise from having worked or lived abroad.
  • We work in a ‘virtual’ office environment allowing us to keep our overhead low.
  • We don't over analyze - most clients want practical, focused direction
  • Our reports and recommendations are concise and readable.
  • We are not in the business of pre-packed solutions. Our recommendations are tailored to the unique needs of our clients - not recycled.

Our appetite for the challenging also means that we are delighted to work on projects that other consultants may find too unpredictable (and unprofitable) to take on. Check out these case studies for some examples.

Most importantly, our mission is to help our clients engage and invest in their people in order to set their business apart while aligning staff, management and shareholders along the same path. Your people can provide your business with a competitive advantage but negligence on the part of management can quickly jeopardize all that.

We match your needs to our practitioners with the required skill set and experience. We help develop the creative solutions which our larger competitors are less adept at and our smaller ones just don't have. You can count on THW’s experience for a cost effective and practical approach to meeting your HR goals.